Estatik Real Estate Plugin


User-friendly intuitive interface. Clean design. Flexible functionality. The full-featured WordPress real estate plugin with smooth integration with Elementor Page Builder.
Visit for more information.

Visit demo of Estatik plugin built with Elementor Hello Theme.

Main features:

  • Quick Demo Setup
  • Fields Builder (creates unlimited number of custom fields of any type – text, number, area, attachments, files, contact fields, etc.)
  • Login via Facebook or Google
  • Map Search built on AJAX
  • Saved searches & wishlists
  • Listing frontend management
  • Sorting by price, date, popularity
  • Customizable categories, types, statuses, features, amenities
  • Customizable property labels (featured, hot, openhouse)
  • Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Share via email
  • Photo gallery and video (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Multilingual (WPML, Polylang & Loco Translate support)
  • Request info widget
  • Customizable search widget
  • Unlimited currencies
  • 50+ shortcodes
  • Elementor Page Builder & Hello Theme support

PRO & Premium features:

  • Agents & Agencies support (PRO)
  • Agents & Agencies search (PRO)
  • Private fields (for Admin, Agents only) (PRO)
  • Front-end management for admin and users/agents (PRO)
  • Subscription plans or One-time payments with payments via PayPal (PRO)
  • CSV/XLS import via WP ALL Import (PRO)
  • Compare feature
  • PDF file generation (PRO)
  • Saved searches updates notifications (PRO)
  • Requests management in agent’s profile (PRO)
  • Locations widget (PRO)
  • Slider widget (PRO)
  • Full-width Slideshow widget (PRO)
  • Organic MLS import via RETS and RESO Web API (Premium)

Estatik Native Themes:

  • Estatik Realtor Theme – DEMO

It also works with most of WordPress themes but if you have any issues, just drop us a message and we will add support of your theme for free.

Documentation & shortcodes:

Please visit this documentation page to get a full list of shortcodes.
Full list of shortcodes can be found here

Translated into:

  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Polish


Do all Estatik Themes support Estatik 4.0?

No, not all Estatik Themes support Estatik 4.0 version. Currently, only Estatik Realtor Theme supports 4.0 ver. We will also add Portal Theme support. All other themes are incompatible with 4.0 ver. but you still can use it and count on our support.
If you upgraded the plugin using Native Theme, for example, you can deactivate the plugin and install back the previous version. Nothing will be lost.

After upgrading to 4.0 something is wrong with properties images and pages.

Make sure that you proceeded with Migration properly. (Here)[] is our quick guide how you need to migrate your listings and configuration.

Can I get back to 3.x version after upgrading to 4.0 ?

Yes, you can do it any time.

Does Estatik work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it works smoothly with most of WordPress themes and page builders.

What is the difference between simple and pro versions?

You can compare all available versions here >>

Can I have free support?

With Estatik PRO or Premium version you get free support for 6 months (PRO) / 1 year (Premium) and for 1 website. Support for Simple free version is limited to WordPress forum. Please post your question here at Support forum, or contact us >> and we will help you with issues.

How can I import MLS listings using Estatik plugin?

We developed Estatik Premium version for MLS listings import via RETS or RESO Web API.

When I click on details page it says 404 Error: page not found.

Please go to Settings >> Permalinks and click Save button there. After update your website frontend page and check the result.

How can I upgrade from Simple to PRO? Will I lose my listings and will need to add them from scratch?

To upgrade from Simple to paid PRO or Premium version, you need to deactivate your active Simple version and install PRO and activate it. Then remove Simple version.
Your listings and plugin configuration will be safe.


Jen 21, 2024
As web developers, we’re always on the lookout for tools that can streamline our workflow and help us deliver top-notch results to our clients. Unfortunately, our experience with the Estatik plugin has been anything but positive, and we feel compelled to warn our fellow developers about the potential pitfalls of using this product. When we first came across the Estatik plugin, it was advertised as a powerful solution that would simplify our process for including real estate listings on a client’s website. We decided to invest in the plugin, hoping it would give us a competitive edge and attract additional clientele. However, from the moment we implemented Estatik, it became clear that the reality fell far short of what was promised. Estatik advertised the ability to pull real MLS data and work with multiple RETS profiles, however, we were unable to see this in action due to MLS data not pulling correctly or at all in some cases. We were never able to use the plugin on our client’s live site because the MLS data was incomplete. Our team completed as much troubleshooting as possible and complied with providing login information for Estatik to access the website, which did not result in any solutions. We also experience a lack of adequate support from the Estatik team, compounding our frustrations. Despite reaching out to their customer service to report the issues we were experiencing and seek assistance, we never received a resolution and the responses provided were untimely and generic. The lack of timely and meaningful support only exacerbated the problems we were facing, causing us to miss critical deadlines and potentially jeopardizing our relationships with clients. We have chosen to cancel our subscription less than six months after purchasing. Because we have not been able to use the plugin as advertised, the product itself did not work, and customer service was not helpful in finding a solution, we have requested a full refund from Estatik, which Estatik has denied. Since we began working with Estatik in March 2024, we noticed that they have changed their refund policy multiple times. Given the significant discrepancy between the advertised capabilities of the Estatik plugin and its actual performance, as well as the inadequate support we received, we cannot recommend this product to our fellow web developers. The time and resources invested in implementing and troubleshooting the plugin have proven to be a costly endeavor ($649 alone for set up with yearly renewal fees of $299 had we stayed), with nothing to show for it.
Avril 12, 2024
We paid $600 dollars for the premium plugin. The plugin is buggy and their support is non-existent. We are a website development company and have clients that rely on this crappy plugin. It is an embarrassment. I regret buying it. They make us look bad. DO NOT GET THIS PLUGIN. You’re just throwing money away. Avoid at all costs. I have a basic support question and it has been FIVE DAYS and still no response. They are USELESS.
Mas 9, 2024
<!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>I currently position myself on one star given my experience that I list</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>1 – They build themes that they sell to you, then abandon them to obsolete versions, forcing you to buy a new theme of theirs to be able to align it with the latest plugin.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>2 – If you discover one of their BUGs, in order to communicate it, you have to pay for support for the same plugin that you have already paid for. An absurd contradiction.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>3 – Assistance on the Wordpress forum with an absurd slowness</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>4 – I hope to change my mind and be able to rectify this feedback</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
Janvye 11, 2024
Support is pretty decent. No phone support, only via their website. First level is a bit of a back and forth, but they do respond. The second level support is great. Once they get involved, all of my issues get resolved. I wish the first level was like that, but they do respond and escalate. I like the product so far. The “IDX Estatik PlugIn” is great. “Documentation” needs improvement and the “Website Theme” really needs to be looked at. Many issues with it.
Desanm 30, 2023 1 reply
Hello. I’m testing the free version of the plugin. Problems with language translations? It does not show full Turkish translations. I am preparing a promotional video about the plugin. Will this problem be solved? Thank you.
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Contributors & Developers

“Estatik Real Estate Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



4.1.5 (July 04, 2024)

  • NEW: Registered agent confirmation functionality added
  • NEW: Field “Visible on the front” enhanced
  • NEW: Agency creation in subscription agent account added
  • NEW: Authors attribute added to shortcode [es_my_listing]
  • NEW: Translations creation for properties in agent’s account added (only for Polylang)
  • NEW: Plugin interaction with Polylang improved
  • NEW: Time offset setting for Open House added to MLS

  • FIXED: Sorting fixed

  • FIXED: Listing filter fixed (Elementor)
  • FIXED: List display corrected
  • FIXED: Layout saving after screen reboot fixed

4.1.4 (May 22, 2024)

  • NEW: Languages with non-Latin alphabets support added (All versions)
  • NEW: Location saving functionality for [es_my_listing] shortcode added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: “Clear all filters” button to expanded filter in mobile version added (All versions)
  • NEW: Listing limit notification to agent’s profile added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Polylang and WPML support for custom fields added (All versions)
  • NEW: Option to change Subject field for “Saved Search” email added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Italian language files updated (All versions)

  • FIXED: Agent Logout link fixed (PRO & Premium)

  • FIXED: Automatic data input during authorization fixed (All versions)
  • FIXED: Saving address (Google Maps) issue fixed (All versions)
  • FIXED: “Call for price” option cancellation upon saving listing fixed (All versions)
  • FIXED: Number-type filter values reset functionality improved (All versions)
  • FIXED: Bulk selection issue in admin panel fixed (All versions)
  • FIXED: Filter functionality for resetting categories fixed (All versions)
  • FIXED: MLS URL modification for existing profiles blocked (Premium)
  • FIXED: Pause functionality for hidden automatic import fixed (Premium)
  • FIXED: WEB API access token regeneration issue fixed (Premium)

4.1.3 (April 08, 2024)

  • NEW: Extra price input format in search added.
  • NEW: Request form fields order changed.
  • NEW: “Homes” to “properties” switched in pagination.

  • FIXED: For subscription agents, the functionality for adding and removing listings corrected.

  • FIXED: Logic for sorting listings refactored.
  • FIXED: “Number” type filter issue fixed.
  • FIXED: Agent saving issue fixed.
  • FIXED: Agent profile links issue fixed.
  • FIXED: The issue with incorrect translations has been fixed.

4.1.2 (March 01, 2024)

  • NEW: Added MLS Classes support for raprets MLS Provider
  • NEW: MLS Actualizer refactored
  • NEW: MLS Automatic import refactored
  • NEW: Added collapsed description option for agent & agency single page
  • NEW: Neighborhoods added in Data Manager
  • NEW: WP All Import property keywords generation added
  • NEW: Plugin DB migration refactored

  • FIXED: Duplicated taxonomies in admin property form fix added

  • FIXED: MLS multiple values saving fix added
  • FIXED: MLS Grid requests issue fix added
  • FIXED: Optimized locations saving
  • FIXED: Switcher field in search form fix added
  • FIXED: Minor fixes

4.1.1 (December 13, 2023)

  • NEW: MLS media re-import implemented.
  • NEW: MLS entity popup upgraded.
  • NEW: MLS Actualizer new hooks added.
  • NEW: Added option for disable property carousel.
  • NEW: Implemented MLS import for dropdown, checkboxes fields types.
  • NEW: Added url slugs for plugin taxonomies.
  • NEW: Added recaptcha for Login and Reset password forms.
  • NEW: Added map_show=”all” attribute for es_my_listing shortcode with half map layout.
  • NEW: Added option for change Open House time format.
  • NEW: Implemented values converter for 0,1 MLS values.
  • NEW: Implemented new MLS operator From -> To.
  • NEW: New “link” FB field type added.
  • NEW: Plugin security upgraded.
  • NEW: Added scripts & styles versions in enqueue\register functions.

  • FIXED: MLS import entities count fix added.

  • FIXED: Twitter icon changed to X.
  • FIXED: Lookup values retrieving fix added for Web API.
  • FIXED: Google Auth fix added.
  • FIXED: Search form labels fixed.
  • FIXED: Fixed property images in saved searches email.
  • FIXED: Plugin translations added dictionaries.
  • FIXED: Listings alax loading animation fix added.
  • FIXED: Property addresses saving fix added.
  • FIXED: Show more link fixed for Features section on single property page.
  • FIXED: Reset search button fix added.
  • FIXED: MLS sync not_equal operator fixed.
  • FIXED: Request notes fix added.
  • FIXED: Agent avatar fixed.
  • FIXED: Social sharing option switcher fix added.
  • FIXED: No min, No max labels translation fix added.
  • FIXED: FB fields & sections saving fix added.
  • FIXED: Floor plans render fix added.
  • FIXED: Multiple estatik elementor widgets saving fix added.
  • FIXED: Minor fixes

4.1.0 (September 03, 2023)

NEW: MLS import & sync refactored.
NEW: Property meta icons refactored.
NEW: Log out link added on user profile page for mobile devices.
NEW: Added new email settings fields.
NEW: MLS Realtyserver autoconfig added.
NEW: Added search support for es_parking, es_roof etc fields.
NEW: strict_address param added for es_my_listing shortcode.
NEW: Back button on compare page css fix added.
NEW: RTL support added for all of slick sliders.
NEW: Option for disable geolocation of request form added.
NEW: Auto assign agent to agency implemented for MLS Import.
NEW: Added zoom level option for single property page map.
NEW: Polylang integrated for breadcrumbs links on single property page.
NEW: Reset search button refactored.

FIXED: es_get_contact_link function php warning fixed.
FIXED: Paragonapi WebApi autoconfig added.
FIXED: Map zoom saving fix added.
FIXED: Predefined values for search form fix added.
FIXED: Tel field php warning fixed.
FIXED: Buyers migration fix added.
FIXED: Plugin migration fix added.
FIXED: Unlimited subscription plans fix added.
FIXED: Appointments deletion fix added.
FIXED: Subscription plans ID generation fix added.
FIXED: Field builder fixes added.
FIXED: Fixed plugin emails fatal error.
FIXED: Data manager fixes added.
FIXED: Subscription labels fixes added.
FIXED: Properties slider fixes added.
FIXED: Responsive fixed for single property page.
FIXED: Recaptcha fix added.
FIXED: Slick slider in flexbox container fix added.
FIXED: Added video field import support for WP All Import plugin.
FIXED: Map popup fix added.
FIXED: Price format fix added.
FIXED: MLS import video fix added.
FIXED: Fixed location fields in search form.
FIXED: Minor fixes

4.0.7 (June 24, 2023)

NEW: Pure autoconfig for MLSAligned, harmls MLS provider added
NEW: FB support for video section in single property added
NEW: Appsecret_proof for facebook auth added
NEW: Default archive page disable option added
NEW: Request form default message deleted
NEW: Google fonts cache optimized
NEW: mls_resource and mls_class attributes to es_my_listing shortcode added
NEW: Translation support for multiple values in FB added
NEW: Drop-down fields placeholder to search form added
NEW: Currency code display support added
NEW: Meta icons loading in property box optimized
NEW: Import limits in MLS schedules added
NEW: Sorting by labels implemented
NEW: Search form autocomplete support for listings addresses added
NEW: Switcher field values changed to Yes / No
NEW: Neighborhood field in property management added
NEW: WP All Import address components generation added
NEW: White label for admin plugin area improved
NEW: [es_property_map] shortcode added
NEW: HTML editor field in FB added

FIXED: Search from Select2 fields CSS + JS fix added
FIXED: Compare listings container fix added.
FIXED: Property video section CSS sizes fixed
FIXED: URL field type fixed.
FIXED: Listings duplication for crea ddf preventive fix added
FIXED: Agents order in Request form fixed
FIXED: es_the_formatted_field $before, $after variables for empty value fixed
FIXED: ReCaptcha for AJAX request forms fixed
FIXED: JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE to json_encode for address components added
FIXED: Properties removal actualizer fixed
FIXED: Search form range fields fixed
FIXED: Taxonomy archive title fixed
FIXED: Comma separation for ‘city’ values in es_my_listing shortcode fixed
FIXED: Price variation in search form fixed
FIXED: Property sections translation bug fixed
FIXED: Scroll top animation after using pagination – fixed
FIXED: Profile single request info page fixed
FIXED: es_get_agents_list function allowed memory size error fixed
FIXED: Incorrect MLS credentials fatal error fixed
FIXED: Contacts field fatal error fixed
FIXED: Data Manager Icon uploader bug fixed
FIXED: Polylang migration fatal error fixed
FIXED: Locations breadcrumbs bug fixed
FIXED: Migration progress bar fixed

4.0.6 (April 17, 2023)

NEW: appsecret_proof argument added for Facebook auth.
NEW: MLS mlsaligned provider integrated.
NEW: Fields builder request form section message setting added.
NEW: Reset option for MLS sync fields added.
NEW: City field set as multiple in estatik search widget.
NEW: Tags field support added for listings shortcode.
NEW: Range mode for custom numeric fb fields implemented.
NEW: Added bulk actions for admin requests archive.

FIXED: Select2 for elementor popups fix added.
FIXED: Properties carousel vertical layout fixed.
FIXED: Search widget locations fields fix added for elementor popups.
FIXED: Fields builder fields deletion fix added for PDF brochure.
FIXED: Duplicated machine name for fb fields & sections fix added.
FIXED: Agent tel saving fix added.
FIXED: Status field for properties map fix added.
FIXED: Property SVG icon color fixed.
FIXED: FB fields translations fix added.
FIXED: Admin properties archive pagination fixed.
FIXED: User profile avatar fixed.
FIXED: Agent description css fix added.
FIXED: Rooms functionality fixes added.
FIXED: Admin widgets broken page fixed.
FIXED: Property file fields saving fix added.

4.0.5 (February 25, 2023)

NEW: Title field for MLS Profiles added.
NEW: Option for disable saved search functionality added.
NEW: New settings tab for manage user profile added.
NEW: MLS Web API classes added.
NEW: Raprets MLS provider media support added.
NEW: Plugin fonts uploading fixed.
NEW: file_get_contents function for retrieve SVG content deleted.
NEW: prop_id attribute added for [es_my_listing shortcode]
NEW: Multiple support for select2 fields in estatik framework added.
NEW: No min, No max labels changed to min,max in search form.
NEW: es_before_single_wrapper, es_after_single_wrapper actions for estatik single templates added
NEW: Full width field setting in fields builder form added.
NEW: Deletion of child automatic imports implemented.
NEW: MLSGrid v2 provider autoconfig added.

FIXED: German translations modified.
FIXED: Property management form buttons css fix added.
FIXED: CSS fix for MLS password field added.
FIXED: Agent & agencies enabler switcher fix added.
FIXED: Elementor listings widget filter fix added.
FIXED: Fields builder translations fix added.
FIXED: Fixed fields builder special characters for machine_name.
FIXED: file_type warning fix added.
FIXED: Property mobile gallery css fix added.
FIXED: Login form prefilled fields submit button fix added.
FIXED: Search php warning fix added.
FIXED: Fixed price field formatter.
FIXED: Incorrect top margin in property gallery lightbox removed.
FIXED: Fixed search form selected values labels.
FIXED: Duplicated label for phone field deleted.
FIXED: Openhouse fields FB fix added

4.0.4 (January 27, 2023)

NEW: Added new option for disable tel country code field.
NEW: Added new attribute named “default” in [es_property_field] shortcode for empty property fields.
NEW: Implemented agents registration confirmation email.
NEW: Set dynamic content disabled by default.
NEW: Deleted formatters for bathrooms, bedrooms fields on single property page.
NEW: Added new plugin translations.
NEW: Added new settings for manage PDF fields in Fields Builder.
FIXED: Fixed images uploading via front property management.
FIXED: Property management agent assignment fix added.
FIXED: Fixed search fields order in Elementor search form widget.
FIXED: Google maps callback error fix added.
FIXED: Fixed property quick edit form agents saving.
FIXED: Fixed comments saving PHP warning.
FIXED: Fixed deactivated sections render.
FIXED: Fixed breadcrumbs locations order.
FIXED: Fixed property price spaces.
FIXED: Fixed duplicated HTML input IDs in DOM.
FIXED: Recaptcha fix added.
FIXED: Fixed slick slider initializing for property boxes.
FIXED: Fixed search widget location fields loading for non authorised users.
FIXED: Fixed MLS automatic import table render

4.0.3 (December 25, 2022)

FIXED: Captcha issues fixed
FIXED: FB tab fields issues fixed
FIXED: single property pages mobile layout fixed
FIXED: MLS ID display bug fixed
FIXED: translation for sorting fixed
Minor fixes

4.0.2 (December, 11, 2022)

FIXED: Lazy load for carousel images added
FIXED: Google fonts GDPR issue fixed
FIXED: Request Info form (subject and from email issue fixed)
FIXED: SEO issues fixed
FIXED: Responsive js refactored

4.0.0 & 4.0.1 (November, 15, 2022)

This major release contains significant code changes! Make sure you have a backup before upgrade and follow our Migration instructions here

NEW: Front-and back-end interface design updated (all versions)
NEW: Agencies support added (PRO & Premium)
NEW: One-time payments added (PRO)
NEW: Compare feature added (PRO & Premium)
NEW: Buyer’s & agent’s profiles upgraded (PRO & Premium)
NEW: Requests to profile added (PRO & Premium)
NEW: AJAX map search added (all versions)
NEW: Fields Builder considerably improved (all versions)
NEW: Data Manager improved and extended (all versions)
NEW: WP ALL Import support added (all versions)
NEW: New widgets added: agencies, locations, slideshow widget (PRO & Premium)
NEW: Share via email added (all versions)
NEW: Elementor Support improved (all versions)
Loads of minor fixes and improvements

3.11.14 (July, 27, 2022)

FIX: PDF issue fixed (All versions)
FIX: php warnings fixed (PRO & Premium)

3.11.13 (July, 21, 2022)

NEW: MLS provider support added (Premium)
NEW: PDF library upgraded (PRO & Premium)
FIX: Elementor deprecated _register_controls method fixed (All versions)
FIX: Elementor single property page render issue fixed (All versions)
FIX: MLS actualizer execute action fixed (Premium)
FIX: MLS provider date DMQL2 query fixed (Premium)
FIX: actualizer queue generation fixed (Premium)
FIX: properties wp query for location fields of saved search fixed (PRO & Premium)
FIX: CSS fix for CSV fields added (PRO & Premium)
FIX: subscriptions price field step issue fixed (PRO & Premium)
FIX: fix for subscription expired email content field added (PRO & Premium)
FIX: featured subscriptions payment fix added (PRO & Premium)
FIX: subscriptions fix for empty total_trial_cycles field added (PRO & Premium)

3.11.12 (May, 31, 2022)

NEW: Media support for reso provider added
NEW: Images retrieving for CRMLS WEB API provider implemented
NEW: Added error message in manual import
NEW: Order sort for MLS WEB API images added
FIX: Duplicated images for CRMLS MLS provider fixed
FIX: MLS images import fix post_parent
FIX: Media attach parent post fixed
FIX: Area field type step fixed
FIX: Saved search update period action fixed
FIX: Attachments post parent fixed
FIX: Saved homes listings layout fixed

3.11.11 (February, 14, 2022)

FIX: Gallery in property PDF fixed (all versions)
FIX: Slideshow widget styles in Elementor fixed (all versions)
FIX: mls_class and mls_resource attributes added to es_my_listing shortcode (Premium)
FIX: MLS Realty server rets dmql2 query fixed (Premium)
FIX: build_fields_array class method set as public (Premium)
FIX: MLS media import for mls grid v2 implemented (Premium)

3.11.10 (January 28, 2022)

FIX: Magnific popup arrows fixed (all versions)
FIX: Search form fixed for numeric fields (all versions)
FIX: Listings archive responsive issues fixed
FIX: Delete duplicates functionality implemented on property import action (Premium)
FIX: IN query operator implemented for Trestle web API (Premium)

3.11.9 (January 11, 2022)

  • NEW: Pre-defined search form values as comma-separated feature added (all versions)
  • NEW: CSV Import support added for Post Content field (Premium)
  • FIX: Сropping photos in gallery fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Slick slider in gallery fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: PDF light fonts fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Lot_size & area units search widget fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Featured image on single property page for Divi theme disabled (all versions)
  • FIX: Listings query for Fields Builder select fields fixed (all versions)

3.11.8 (December 2, 2021)

  • Elementor compatibility issue fixed
  • Address generation bug in front-end management fixed

3.11.7 (November 24, 2021)

  • FIX: Thumb images issue on single property page fixed (all versions)
  • Links issue in New Listing added email from agent fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.11.6 (November 4, 2021)

  • NEW: Filter for meta search query added (all versions)
  • NEW: Search query optimized (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Room title field added for RETS (Premium)
  • FIX: Map sql filter fixed (single property URL issue) (all versions)
  • FIX: Google + field from pluin settings deleted (all versions)
  • FIX: WP filter before search field render added (all versions)
  • FIX: DIVI conflict – header/footer broken fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Property gallery issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Markup for custom fields on single property page fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Yoast SEO conflict fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Listings with specified IDs in slideshow fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: DIVI builder support fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Request form js context added (all versions)
  • FIX: Slick slider fixed (Simple & Premium)
  • FIX: Agent’s name display issue in Saved Searches fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Property management layout conflict with Gutenberg fixed (PRO & Premiium)
  • other fixes

3.11.4 (September 13, 2021)

  • NEW: Lightbox On/Off option to Settings added (Elementor builder conflict fixed) (all versions)
  • NEW: Single property photo gallery shortcode added [es_property_gallery property_id=”property ID”] (all versions)
  • NEW: Support for comma-separated values to address type fields added (all versions)
  • NEW: Property management template override option in child theme added
  • NEW: Optimized the sql query for map (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Agent’s name display issue in Saved Search fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Shorcode [es_my_listing sort=”recent”] fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Favorite listings fixed in My profile (PRO & Premium)

3.11.3 (August 6, 2021)

  • FIX: The order of search fields issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Deleted Field range mode buttons in Fields Builder (all versions)
  • FIX: Profile conflict with Divi theme fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: The field that should be visible only for admin fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Property box bug settings fixed (PRO&Premium)
  • FIX: Added an error handler for MLS Connect action (PREMIUM)
  • FIX: Map cluster icon bug fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.11.2 (July, 17, 2021)

  • FIX: Deletion currencies in Data Manager fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Icons in a listing box fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Removed “Neighborhood” tab when “Hide map on Single Page” button is on (all versions)
  • FIX: Empty map section in single property page fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: CSV Import issue fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Save search issue fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.11.1 (June 18, 2021)

  • FIX: Display of address components via es_property_field shortcode fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Login form fields markup fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Beds, baths translation strings fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Video tab bug fixed (all versions)
  • minor fixes

3.11.0 (June 9, 2021)

  • NEW: Pre-defined fields option in search form shortcode added (all versions)
  • NEW: Login via social media Google/Facebook added (all versions)
  • NEW: Label custom colors added (all versions)
  • NEW: Option to display custom fields & icons in property boxes added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: CSV import format modified (images separation by comma added) (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: HTML field type in FB added (all versions)
  • FIX: Link “Set filter fields” in MLS Import fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: !important from title style of any widget removed (all versions)
  • FIX: “Saved searches” feature fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Elementor widgets style tab added (all features)
  • FIX: Excluded es_get_default_thumbnail_id function from plugin (all versions)
  • FIX: Search shortcode issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Estatik Search widget fields order in Elementor fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Maps issue with address components for UK, Spain fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Select2 selected options width fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Default fields deletion process from front-end management fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: minor fixes

3.10.4 (April, 27, 2021)

  • NEW: Option to disable automatic deletion of images when deleting listings (Simple & PRO)
  • NEW: Option “Show labels” in Slideshow widget and shortcode added (all versions)
  • NEW: Option “Disable image url validation” to check validity of images URLs from MLS added (Premium)
  • NEW: Integration with Spark API for images import added (Premium)
  • NEW: Auto-suggest option to Synchronization added (Premium)
  • FIX: Registration form issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: French and Dutch translation issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: PDF issue fixed (PRO & Premium versions)
  • FIX: Agent issue in My Profile fixed (PRO & Premium versions)

3.10.3 (April, 1, 2021)

  • NEW: Disable map option in PDF settings added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Bridge MLS media support added (Premium)
  • FIX: Equal/Not equal operators issue fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Listing editing in My Profile fixed (PRO & Premium)

3.10.2 (March 25, 2021)

  • NEW: “Equal/Not equal” added in MLS schedule (Premium)
  • NEW: Search page id parameter in the Elementor search widget added (all versions)
  • NEW: Shortcode to display listings for specific MLS accounts added (Premium)
  • NEW: Shortcode to show specific listings by a title added (all version)
  • NEW: Queue Limit Field in Synchronization added (Premium)
  • NEW: Subscription duration in Paypal Subscription added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: URL to Support Area in Estatik Dashboard added (all versions)
  • FIX: Description issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Address issue when map icon moved fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Shortcode for displaying listings with labels fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: CREA DDF synchronizer issue fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Profile name before flash messages added (Premium)
  • FIX: Single property shortcode render for Avada theme & Fusion Page Builder fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Estatik Slideshow widget issue fixed (all versions)

3.10.1 (February, 25, 2021)

  • FIX: Description box editor bug fixed (All versions)
  • FIX: Taxonomy terms duplications on property edit page fixed (Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.10.0 (February, 19, 2021)

  • NEW: Elementor Page Builder and Theme support added (all versions)
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  • NEW: Filter ‘Exclude fields’ to Manual/Automatic import added (Premium)
  • NEW: Option “Skip properties without images” in Settings added (Premium)
  • FIX: Images import fix added (Premium)
  • FIX: Bulleted list in custom fields fixed (all versions)
  • minor fixes

3.9.10 (January, 22, 2021)

  • NEW: Box-sizing issue fixed (border-box to plugin buttons es-btn added) (all versions)
  • NEW: Year built, post added, post updated fields to the search widget added (all versions)
  • FIX: Select2 dropdown position fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Duplicated listings issue after search fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Executed column Reset issue fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Request form email headers fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Custom fields removal from Search issue fixed (all versions)
  • minor fixes

3.9.9. (December, 25, 2020)

  • NEW: Option to switch on/off email notifications when property added by agent added
  • NEW: Filter es_mls_get_entity_importer to adjust import of listings without images (Premium)
  • NEW: Extra field for Google Map API key with server IP restriction added (Premium)
  • FIX: Warning about empty required field fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Asterisk to required fields added (all versions)
  • FIX: Data manager issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Issue with saving values in search widget select2 fields fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Plugin profile layout issue on “Twenty Twenty” theme fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: List/grid layout in General settings fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: The ‘x’ in map popup window fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Filterable field checkbox issue in Fields Configurations fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Queue generation issue fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Duplicate error notifications fixed (Premium)
  • Other minor fixes

3.9.8 (October 29, 2020)

  • NEW: media.php template override option added (all versions)
  • NEW: Hide map option in Settings added (all versions)
  • NEW: Province address component in Data Manager added (all versions)
  • NEW: Details to Automatic import under Executed Items added (Premium version)
  • FIX: Show filter issue in Estatik Shortcode Builder fixed
  • FIX: Jquery hash link warning (all versions)
  • FIX: Mobile responsive layout for Slideshow fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Map Cluster icon 404 error fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Adding listing in profile issue is fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: “Nothing to import” issue in manual import fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Actualizer delete entities unused action deleted (Premium)
  • FIX: PHRETS XML parser fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Actualizer query limit upgraded to 2000 items (Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.9.7 (September 10, 2020)

  • NEW: WordPress 5.5.1 support added (all versions)
  • NEW: option to override plugin templates via child theme added (all versions)
  • NEW: warning popup message added when deleting RETS profile (Premium)
  • NEW: map marker popup for multiple listings (units) with same lat & long implemented (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Web API support added (Premium)
  • NEW: updates queue details & reset options in Synchronization added (Premium)
  • NEW: extra import tools added (pause, editing, one-time import) (Premium)
  • NEW: Debug mode added (Premium)
  • NEW: date selection for updates check added (Premium)
  • NEW: extra filters for synchronization added (Premium)
  • FIX: wp_mail FROM parameter for Request Form widget fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: wp_make_content_images_responsive fix added (all versions)
  • FIX: delete icon display glitch in Data Manager – Labels – Featured fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: tags generation in description fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: PDF flyer bug for PHP 7 fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: CSS class for html body in Agents (admin area) fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: address skipping in RETS synchronizer fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: MLS properties cache issue fixed (Premium)
  • Other minor fixes

3.9.6 (June 10, 2020)

  • NEW: REST support on/off option added (all versions)
  • FIX: tmp phrets files creation fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Paddings in Accesspress tabs fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Tags issue fixed (PRO&Premium)
  • FIX: Google address geocoding request URL fixed (PRO&Premium)
  • FIX: Estatik Search widget issue fixed (PRO&Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.9.5 (May 12, 2020)

  • NEW: Auto tags feature implemented (all versions)
  • NEW: Dynamic content feature added (all versions)
  • NEW: Custom google maps listing popup (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: MLS date field fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: View first filter fixed – “Most popular” changed to ”Featured” (all versions)
  • FIX: Dropdown lists in Shortcode Builder fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Footer on the first page of the pdf file fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: “Combine CSS File” is not broken layout in the SG Optimizer
  • FIX: “Choose value” in the search form fields fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: “Estatik Search” widget issue fixed (all versions)
  • minor fixes (March 31, 2020)

  • FIX: Custom FB fields search issue fixed

3.9.4 (March 31, 2020)

  • NEW: FB Select Type field values auto-import implemented (Premium)
  • NEW: Yes/No Disable sticky property top bar option added
  • NEW: New attributes for es_my_listing shortcode added: bathrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms_min, bathrooms_max, bedrooms_min, bedrooms_max, lot_size_min, lot_size_max, area_min, area_max, price_min, price_max, area, lot_size
  • UPDATE: Upgraded plugin update library to 4.9 ver.
  • FIX: Disable editor auto paragraph issue fixed
  • FIX: Editor auto paragraph disabled by default
  • FIX: PDF issue fixed
  • FIX: Agent username issue fixed
  • FIX: reCAPTCHA issue fixed
  • FIX: Map markers issue fixed
  • FIX: RETS images import with no file extension fixed (Premium)
  • minor fixes

3.9.3 (February, 16, 2020)

  • NEW: Shortcode [es_my_listing sort=”oldest”] (all versions)
  • NEW: Area shortcodes (all versions)
  • NEW: PDF settings (excerpt display added)
  • FIX: Request form bugs fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Conflicts with other plugins fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: PDF layout & language issues fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Duplicated parsed query for admin listings page removed (all versions)
  • FIX: Fixed errors in language files (all versions)
  • FIX: Login popup issue fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Problem with Quotes\Slashes in Fields Builder Select Field & Property Search fixed (all versions)
  • FIX: Fixed subscriptions table access permissions (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: New field name issue fixed (Premium)
  • FIX: Invalid RETS Version check added (Premium)
  • FIX: Field type check added (PRO)
  • minor fixes

3.9.2 (November, 6, 2019)

  • Request form sending issue fixed
  • Duplicated Terms of use checkbox texts removed

3.9.1 (November, 1, 2019)

  • NEW: Fields reorder feature to frontend management added (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Agents rating on/off option added (PRO)
  • NEW: German language files edited
  • NEW: Labels Show/hide option on single property page added (PRO & Premium)
  • FIX: Inode usage – phrets files deletion from server (Premium)
  • FIX: Post SMTP compatibility fixed
  • FIX: Wishlist items removal fixed
  • FIX: Bullet list issue fixed
  • FIX: Texts in MLS RETS Import fixed
  • FIX: Section order issue in Field Builder fixed
  • FIX: Notifications display in admin area fixed
  • FIX: html editor issues (list bullets) in description property field fixed
  • minor fixes

3.9.0 (August, 10, 2019)

  • NEW: reCaptcha v3 support added
  • NEW: admin settings tabs layout improved
  • NEW: shortcode [es_my_listing_rets_class=”name”] added (Premium)
  • NEW: new shortcode [es_cron_last_executed_date] added (Premium)
  • UPDATED: slick slider script updated
  • FIXED: listings removal when agent is deleted issue fixed
  • FIXED: Call for price query fixed (Premium)
  • FIXED: frontend management pagination issue fixed (PRO & Premium)
  • FIXED: Request form widget bugs fixed
  • FIXED: empty fields in saved searches display fixed
  • minor fixes

3.8.9 (July, 29, 2019)

  • FB fields & sections saving bug fixed
  • Added locate functions for Slideshow widget
  • Added filter for locate template function
  • filter names for admin pages urls fixed
  • minor fixes

3.8.8 (July, 10, 2019)

  • NEW: Custom email field to Request widget added (all versions)
  • NEW: Drag & drop Google Maps marker in admin area added (all versions)
  • NEW: new Estatik Realtor Theme support added (all versions)
  • NEW: Social fields and icons added to agent profile (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Property title & image became clickable on map popup windows (PRO & Premium)
  • NEW: Removal option for extra area dimensions in search widget added …