WordPress IDX Real Estate Listings & MLS Search


Get More Visitors & Leads From Your Real Estate WordPress Website

With WordPress IDX, you can easily add SEO and mobile-friendly MLS listings and property search widgets to your WordPress website to attract and engage more visitors. Powerful lead capture tools—like forms for scheduling showings and favoriting listings—will convert visitors into leads!

WordPress IDX is the only real estate IDX search plugin which offers live customer support, a marketing solution which delivers consistent website traffic, and IDX feeds from 730+ MLSs across the U.S. and Canada.

Get a free trial today—install and set up WordPress IDX in minutes!

(This plugin was formerly called dsIDXpress.)

Everything a Real Estate Agent Needs on Their WordPress Website:

Get detailed, up-to-date MLS listings on your website! Information about local schools, plus lists of similar and recently sold homes, are also pulled directly from your MLS’s IDX feed.

Visitors can easily find MLS listings on your website with user-friendly property search widgets, including a powerful map search tool and slideshows of highlighted properties.

Turn visitors into leads with forms for scheduling showings, favoriting listings, saving property search criteria, and contacting you for more information.

Easily install and set up WordPress IDX in minutes, with help from shortcodes and widgets. No web development experience is required. Start your free trial today!

In addition to in-depth support documentation, Diverse Solutions uniquely offers live onboarding help to get you up and running quickly.

WordPress IDX’s mobile-friendly design ensures that visitors will have a great experience viewing listings on your website, regardless of which device they use.

Get more free traffic to your website from Google and other search engines. WordPress IDX creates unique indexable listing pages, an XML sitemap, and optimized page titles.

WordPress IDX automatically matches some of your website’s styling, and the appearance of listings and widgets can be easily customized.

WordPress IDX offers the best MLS coverage in the industry! Add listings from one or more of 730+ MLSs from across the U.S. and Canada to your website.

Need more website traffic and leads? Our digital advertising experts can deliver a guaranteed number of unique visitors who are searching for listings in your local market—every single month.

Test drive WordPress IDX on your real estate website today! Get a free trial or call us at 800-491-3608.


  • WordPress IDX’s mobile-friendly design ensures that visitors will have a great experience viewing listings on your website, regardless of which device they use.
  • Get detailed, up-to-date MLS listings on your website! Information about local schools, plus lists of similar and recently sold homes, are also pulled directly from your MLS’s IDX feed.
  • We have the best MLS coverage in the industry! Get listings from one or more of 730+ MLSs across the U.S. and Canada on your website.
  • Visitors can easily find MLS listings on your website with user-friendly property search widgets, including a powerful map search tool and slideshows of highlighted properties.
  • Turn visitors into leads with forms for scheduling showings, favoriting listings, saving property search criteria, and contacting you for more information.


Install WordPress IDX on your website like you would install any other WordPress plugin.

Install via the WordPress admin area:
1. In the WordPress admin area, visit “Plugins” > “Add New.”
2. Search for “WordPress IDX” or “dsIDXpress” using the search bar.
3. Click “Install Now,” and then “Activate Plugin.”
4. See the “Activation” section below.

Install by uploading the plugin:
1. Upload the “dsidxpress” folder to your website’s “wp-content/plugins” directory.
2. Activate the plugin by visiting the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress admin area.
3. See the “Activation” section below.


Once installed, WordPress IDX must be activated by entering the activation key for your free trial or paid subscription. Simply visit the “IDX” page linked to in the WordPress admin area sidebar and enter the activation key into the text box.

Don’t have an activation key? Contact us to get one for your free trial, or sign up for a paid subscription:
Contact Us


Can I get a free trial of WordPress IDX?

Yes, we encourage you to test drive WordPress IDX on your website. Get a free trial here or by calling us at 800-491-3608.

The free trial uses sample IDX data to demonstrate how easy it is to add MLS listings to real estate websites using WordPress IDX.

Are listings from my MLS available with WordPress IDX?

View our MLS coverage to see if your MLS’s IDX feed is available with WordPress IDX. Diverse Solutions has the largest MLS coverage in the industry, so it will likely be available. If it isn’t, call us at 800-491-3608 and we’ll inquire with your MLS about adding it to our coverage area.

Which themes should WordPress IDX be used with?

This plugin is designed to be compatible with any WordPress website that is self hosted and uses WordPress 2.8 or above. You do not need to purchase or use any one specific theme to use WordPress IDX.

How much does WordPress IDX cost?

Learn about the features and pricing of WordPress IDX’s subscription options.

Can I use WordPress IDX without being a member of an MLS?

No. Due to the rules of the MLSs whose IDX feeds we offer, we can only provide activation keys to their members.

Can I use WordPress IDX without an activation key if I’m a member of an MLS?

No. We require purchasing a WordPress IDX subscription in order to get an activation key.

How can I learn more about the WordPress IDX plugin?

  1. Learn about the features and pricing of WordPress IDX’s subscription options.
  2. Visit our website for more FAQs about WordPress IDX.


Septanm 11, 2023
Thanks support for helping me setup my IDX and working with my developer. Glad my developer is able to talk to someone at Diverse Solutions as questions arise. Nice easy search on my website and ability to see live listings. Hope to see more functionality added soon.
Jiyè 20, 2023
I am able to actual talk to someone at Diverse for sales or support. Support are real people that I can call and get great support. Diverse Solutions WordPress Plugin is very easy to use and pricing is on par with other IDX’s. My developer had an easy time using the tools and got my website up really fast. Diverse Solutions partners with AgentFire who does a great job using this plugin.
Jiyè 3, 2023 1 reply
First, I am not a WordPress developer which I think is important to know since I am not reviewing how usable Diverse Solutions IDX property search is to install and maintain on a WordPress site. This review is for realtors who are looking for IDX home search solution for their websites. I only chose Diverse Solutions as my MLS provider did not support some of the other highly reviewed WordPress IDX plugin solutions. If you are looking for IDX software that is modern, beautiful, and well supported in terms of being evolved by the development team, I personally would look elsewhere, which is what I’m doing as I never wanted to promote my blog or website due to the sub-par UX of Diverse Solutions. Note they have a 30 day cancellation policy. Diverse Solutions IDX has several major flaws: The user experience is old fashioned and the software is not being updated to address basic issues like having the MLS number in the H1 along with an address even if a house is not for sale. (They’re not fixing this.) Sold / off market listings are difficult to see compared to active listings since the only indication it is sold is an 8 point mls status line buried along with other home details. Compare that to any other real estate website where it’s obvious what a house status is. (They’re not fixing this.) Things like wanting to show the “top 25 most expensive homes” on a blog post are not doable. They’ll show a few then there’s a tiny link below the several listings to go view all listings. This takes you away from the blog post with a heading to see listings “matching your search” even though the website visitor didn’t actually conduct a search. (They’re not fixing this.) Often it was difficult to get an address to show up even by typing a few characters when a house had been on the market for a while. Additionally trying to figure out what Diverse IDX wanted you to type in to get correct results was a mystery. Can Diverse Solutions overlay a pop up of listing information when you click a house listing on a map? I don’t know but currently on my site where I will be removing Diverse Solutions it goes to a new page. You will long forget you were ever on a neighborhood guide unless you love using a Back button.Do I have any positive things to say about Diverse Solutions? It can be a way to generate leads, if you decide it’s good enough to want to promote it. As of 2023 the price went up $15 / month. Yet there is no evidence why and especially when enhancements are concerned.
fevriye 17, 2022 1 reply
Thank you Jordan for your excellent help & support. This is the plugin to choose for IDX! Thank you again for your great customer service!
Oktòb 12, 2021 1 reply
Jordan Torres was extremely responsive and helpful while trying to customize a feature of the plugin for my site. He stayed on the phone with me to experiment and find a solution in a patient and timely manner. I recommend this plugin because of the wonderful customer service and IT support I have received!
Septanm 25, 2021 1 reply
Highly recommend this plugin! Today our team connected with MR. Dolan, he did an over the top job explaining this product to all of us and how it will help with a new Real Estate brokerage we are working with. We have built many sites for small to medium sized businesses but never for a real estate agency. He spent much time answering our many questions. We can confidently say our team now better understands the concept of the MLS and how this plugin will help us manage the leads and properties from all of the MLS on our theme.
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress IDX Real Estate Listings & MLS Search” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Confirms the plugin is tested up to WordPress 6.4


  • WordPress v6.2 compatibility fixes
  • MLS compliance stuff
  • Support latest TLS version


  • WordPress v6.2 compatibility fixes


  • MLS compliance stuff


  • Fix Location Search box issues


  • WordPress v6.0 compatibility fixes
  • Non functional short-links Removed
  • Missing Pending status is added on IDX Filters
  • Addresses with hyphens searching issue has been fixed
  • Image scaling issue has been fixed for Thumbnail view
  • MLS compliance stuff
  • MLS Number with long characters searching issue has been fixed


  • Show active listings first on Location Search box
  • Use Enter Key on Location Search box
  • Show more number of listings on Location Search box


  • WordPress v5.8 compatibility fixes


  • Support Frontend Optimization


  • Plugin updated to support JavaScript optimization
  • The login and registration dialogs/shortcodes are now responsive
  • SEO Page Indexing improved
  • Admin Setting added to enable/disable new visitor emails
  • Various Bug fixes


  • Page Title of IDX Page fix


  • Quick Search widget fix


  • Simple Search widget and shortcode added
  • Additional filters (Property Features, Address Masks and MLS #s) added on Multi-listing shortcode
  • Compliance requests
  • Registration fixes
  • Search widget UI fixes
  • Wildcard Search fixes
  • Fixes to support latest WordPress version
  • Various Bug fixes & Code Improvements


  • Code Improvements


  • Security Update


  • Security Update


  • Improvements on Modern View of Results Page
  • Theme compatibility fixes
  • Facebook sharing fix
  • Compliance fixes
  • Validations added to admin widgets
  • Cleanup plugin
  • Various Bug fixes


  • Custom Polygon option is added on Maps in Results page, Custom pages and Shortcodes
  • Fix Polygon tool error
  • Remove unnecessary warnings from logs
  • Various Bug fixes


  • Implementation of CCPA option on registration/other forms
  • Bug fixes


  • Add new navigation for Modern View in Results page
  • Add new navigation for Modern View in Property Details Page
  • Added a new screen “Recommended For You” to display recommended listings as per searches and viewed performed
  • Improve “Profile” section layout
  • Improve UI and functionality of “Email Alerts”
  • Edit feature is included for Save Search criteria
  • Improve UI and functionality of “Favorites” and “Viewed” listings layout
  • Improve UI and added preferences to “Contact Us” dialog
  • Map orientation settings for Modern View in Results page
  • Paging issue resolved which was occurring on switching sort order
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes for Login/ Registration backwards-compatibility.
  • Images are stretched in Modern view.


  • Improved look of IDX results page.
  • Improved look of slideshow widgets.
  • Property feature added to IDX Data Filters
  • Default Option to GRID VIEW (not List View) for PRO users
  • Allow showing/hiding of similar listings on PDP
  • Update logo/icon CSS to better match
  • Add Favorite call to action button in Single Listing widget
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved speed and performance.
  • Speed up loading of shortcodes and widgets.
  • Shortcode for the registration form (New feature).
  • Improved look of single listing widget.
  • Improved look of recent properties widget.
  • Improved similar listings layout and look.
  • Displaying days on market with every property on the results page.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added additional SEO settings criteria for PDPs (New feature).
  • Update Pro IDX Search layout(New feature).
  • Shortcode property results layout and format modified for List, Grid, and map (New feature).
  • New looks for IDX listings (New feature).
  • New looks for quick search widget (New feature).
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added custom polygons as filter for IDX Pages (New feature).
  • Added ability to search by multiple locations & property types(New feature).
  • New look for shortcode listings.
  • New looks for IDX listing widget.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Mortgage calculator feature added.
  • Single sign-on functionality updated.


  • Plugin details and screenshots are updated.


  • Performance tuning.
  • Property type filter related bug resolve.
  • Agent ID and Office ID are added to shortcode filters.


  • Facebook login implemented.
  • Google login implemented.
  • Plugin updated to support latest wordpress version.

  • Facebook image sharing bug fixed


  • Bug fixes in registration submission


  • Bug fixes in map plugin overlay controls rendering


  • Implemented email verification in wordpress plugin


  • Bug fixes related to empty google map api key


  • Introducing SSL-compatibility for background API calls
  • Plugin maintains backwards-compatibility


  • Removed references to “Parking” and “Open House” filters
  • Images are now getting displayed on a listing displayed on social media posts


  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to access their admin consoles due to plugin configuration


  • Support for up to WP 4.8.1
  • Deprecated widgets (Affordability, Open House, Area Statistics)
  • Updated plugin branding
  • Updated admin configuration to remove deprecated widgets
  • Moved to a new versioning scheme (2.x.x represents the compatibility level [which has not changed], x.4.x represents the release number, x.x.0 indicates the hotfix level)


  • Support for WP 4.7


  • Area stats widget style updates
  • Improved account options cache
  • Sorting options fix for results pages
  • Support for WP 4.6


  • Fixed possible bug with appending Google Maps API Key


  • Allow users to supply an API key for Google maps (new Google requirement)


  • Fix for broken ajax urls in some themes
  • WP version support update


  • Fix for broken contact forms


  • Fixed locations ajax lookup bug


  • Remove wp-load dependencies


  • Update WP version compatibility
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Versioning correction


  • Security updates
  • Updated all ajax handling
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Versioning correction


  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • Update WP version compatibilitiy


  • Facebook sharing fixes
  • Map Search widget updates
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix listings widget sorting bug
  • Allow for IDX Pages to be used as site Home Page (Theme Dependent)
  • Set ResultsPerPage to 30 for better grid layout rendering


  • Bug fix for custom 404 pages


  • WP 4.4 compatibility update
  • Clean up php notices


  • Allow for custom 404 templates
  • Updates for deprecated WP_Widget constructor
  • Removed character limit for area names in Google XML sitemaps
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Select template for IDX Pages
  • Enable/Disable displaying of open house information
  • Select multiple listing status filters when building IDX Pages and links
  • Display listing status filters based on MLS capabilities
  • Misc bug fixes


  • New shortcode for adding quick search form to posts/pages
  • Updated text editor button icons for shortcodes
  • Fixed google maps api included multiple times issue
  • Fixed php notices for static method calls


  • Fixing release issue


  • Fixed issue where some themes would include scripts at bottom of page rather than in the


  • Fixed issue where .js would sometimes not get included


  • Updated search widgets
  • Fixed issue where listings widgets would sometimes not load


  • Fixed error in older versions of php


  • Fixed issue with IDX Page filters not working


  • Cleaned up minor php warnings
  • Fixed issue with non alphanumeric characters in tract names
  • Enable additional sort orders


  • Minor admin text changes and error message fixes


  • Removed microformat tags where they conflicted with IDXpress
  • Allowed custom IDX pages to use the same WordPress template used for IDXpress Result pages
  • Fix issue with certain Admin API calls with large responses


  • Canadian Spam Compliance
  • Error message fixes


  • Fixes for IDX Pages
  • Thumbnail for plugin gallery
  • Misc widget fixes


  • Fix for enter/return issue in Post/Page editor
  • Added ability to add content above IDX data in IDX Pages


  • Fixes for IDX Pages


  • Fixes for IDX Pages
  • Add Radius search to IDX Pages
  • Fix Yoast SEO conflict


  • New feature, IDX Pages. More info at https://www.diversesolutions.com/announcements/idx-pages-feature-added-to-idx-plugin-8198


  • Recent property widget was missing Property Types
  • Fix for when the plugin location isn’t standard
  • Fix for multi-listing short code and small browsers


  • Theme CSS compatibility fixes


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility fix


  • Roll back underscore changes to locations in pretty-urls
  • Suppress edit link on idxpress pages


  • Change to Affordability widget to allow property type selection
  • WordPress v3.9 compatibility fixes
  • Fix for Schedule a Showing request date format
  • Fixes for url naming conventions for locations that include non-alpha characters


  • Admin search builder fixes
  • Misc style fixes
  • Suppress SQFT in quick search if MLS doesn’t support data


  • Misc javascript and options fixes


  • Added option for custom mobile domain support
  • Responsive admin theme fixes
  • Fixed XSS issue


  • Tweaks to support responsive admin theme
  • Fixes with script enqueuing
  • Fix for more than one-deep sub directory WordPress installs
  • Single-sign-on support between dsIDXpress & dsSearchAgent


  • Added Facebook share meta description tag
  • Fixes in prep for WordPress v3.8


  • Visual fixes on Recent Properties widget
  • Hid some options in admin unavailable to Lite users
  • Bumped compatibility to WordPress v3.7


  • Minor shortcode fixes
  • Fix for school lookup to be by zip-code
  • Added caching for various listing meta lookups
  • Added ability to force phone # on registration
  • CSS fixes for jquery-ui compatibility
  • JS fixes in the linkbuilder tool


  • Changes to print listing


  • Fix for some admin options not saving correctly


  • Fixed autocomplete issue on result search box pages

2.0.32 & 2.0.33

  • Fixed PHP 5.2 compatibility issues in last release


  • WordPress v3.6 compatibility fixes
  • Added listing status as a filter option in the admin screen
  • Add checkbox options for default property types on the Filters screen
  • Prevent the coverage areas widget from breaking on the front-end if no options are set
  • Added missing description for the new status type filters


  • Removed numeric check in listings widget for agent/office ids
  • Added ListingStatuses and ListingOfficeID to Listing Page Builder


  • Fixed issue introduced in 2.0.28 where sometimes saving options throw an error and deauthorize plugin


  • Fixed issue where sitemap options weren’t showing up for BWP Google XML Sitemaps plugin
  • Added SalePrice sort options to multi-listings shortcode
  • Added option for disabling caching
  • We now allow searches from quick-search with no location selected


  • Added school type to schools builder
  • Fixed issue where tract names with spaces didn’t work in area stats widget
  • Fixed merge issue from last deploy where new slideshow options were lost
  • Added integration with BWP Google XML Sitemaps plugin for multi-site wp builds


  • Added option to switch between old and new slideshow treatments
  • Fixed issue with shortcode and county filtering


  • Added password recovery feature for Visitor accounts
  • Compliance changes for MREIS


  • Fixed debug message left in 2.0.23


  • Fix for asset paths for certain WordPress install methods
  • Fixed shortcode [idx-listings] parsing where min and max home sizes are not taken into account when specified in the shortcode
  • Added description for AgentID and OfficeID to the IDX general settings page


  • Fixed issues with search widget and 3rd party themes
  • Added county as an option in listings widget
  • Changed state selection to dropdown in State restriction in admin


  • Added Facebook and Twitter sharing meta infos
  • Fix for search box widget styles for some themes


  • Fix for PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • Switched home detail page slideshow to new HTML5 slideshow
  • Allow multiple cities in map-search widget
  • Cleanup of price min/max in search widget
  • Fix for PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • Fixed issue with WordPress 3.5 mangling URLs in wp_enqueue when adding &ver= param


  • Fixes to required registration when client is using “lite” package
  • Added no-index on detail and result views when using sample data
  • Added input validation to some admin values


  • Fixes to detail page options not saving correctly in certain circumstances
  • Change to SEO option text to alleviate confusion
  • Change to auto-select first location in search-form autocomplete
  • Misc visual changes and fixes to widgets


  • Fix for certain result page parameters not working when the value was “0”


  • Added listing status parameter to shortcode


  • Fixes to 404 page and new compliance items


  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes


  • Cleared up PHP warning


  • Fixed bug that was causing a warning to show


  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes


  • Misc bug fixes


  • Misc compatibility fixes


  • PHP 5.2 fixes


  • Bug fix in plugin section


  • Numerous upgrades and a new “pro” tier. See blog post for full notes: https://www.diversesolutions.com/announcements/announcing-dsidxpress-pro-wordpress-idx-with-lead-capture-6441


  • Fixed issue where shortcode and widget admin dialogs would error in a small number of wordpress installs


  • Support for Google XML Sitemaps v4 (in beta v8 as of commit)


  • Added helpers for third-party tracking


  • Fixed certain types of URLs for non-US MLS’s.


  • Fixed bug where notices were being shown and slideshow wasn’t working when server was incorrectly configured.
  • Fixed slideshow XML so it’s syntactically valid and will show up when viewed in a browser.
  • Added support for local path issues when WordPress is installed in certain software conditions.


  • Fixed issue where some result URLs with “locations” weren’t loading.


  • Added / updated some links in the intro notification after the initial plugin activation.
  • Fixes for widgets for WordPress 3.3.
  • Suppressed the disclaimer created by widgets when viewing a dsIDXpress results or details page.


  • Bug fixes
  • Sort by Price Ascending added to the listings widget


  • Fixed bug where attempting to show the disclaimer was causing errors w/ idx-listings shortcode.


  • Prevented printable property PDFs from getting indexed.
  • MLS compliance changes for widgets.


  • Added search location validation to search widget.


  • Fixed issue where result URLs with multiple schools weren’t loading.


  • Fixed issue where some result URLs with multiple filters weren’t loading.


  • Refined the result page loading code so that some non-location based URLs will still show results.


  • Ensured that a location is requsted before a result page URL is served.
  • Not found pages now return a 404 HTTP status code when either a) there’s no location specified or b) the plugin isn’t activated.
  • Prevented plugin from activating itself on any URL that starts with “idx” and has other characters after it.


  • Edge-case roles issue


  • Fixed dsIDXpress virtual pages so that a proper 404 is served when there’s no content match
  • Bug fix for IE shortcode editor
  • Fixed caching bug where keys were not unique enough mixing up result pages
  • Fixed issue with certain details URLs interfering with custom link URLs


  • Yet another URL compatibility fix for when the site isn’t on the domain root


  • URL compatibility fix


  • URL fix


  • Added pages to the plugin directory to stop crawlers from looking in there and getting errors
  • Added support for alternate URL structures


  • Fixed bug where a 301 redirect for on a listing results page was dropping the listing sort order


  • Minor host configuration fixes


  • Fixed compatibility issue for WordPress 3.1
  • Removed jquery.scrollTo dependency and resource as it was sometimes getting clobbered by other poorly written plugins and themes. It’s now handled in the API response
  • Added reference to jQueryUI theme CSS hosted on Google CDN as it’s used on the details page and wasn’t getting included sometimes
  • Removed some dead code
  • Added rewrite rule so that props can also be loaded via an internal property ID for when MLS numbers overlap between MLSs


  • Added functionality to implement EULA link on the Search Widget


  • Added support for VOW-like listing details display


  • Descrption correction


  • Added ability to change WalkScore and State Restrictions options
  • Added ability to sort custom links in IDX Listings widget


  • Added functionality to 302 (temporary) redirect paged results where there are no longer results to the first page of results.


  • Paging on /idx/ has been disabled to prevent crawlers going where they shouldn’t


  • Strip spaces from MLS numbers before making request to server
  • Fixed issue with area URLs in area widget being wrong when the area name contained non-alphanumeric characters
  • Fixed shortcode insert tool permissions so that non-admins can use it


  • Fixed 404 error with Headway themes (hopefully)
  • Fixed issue with results pages where the area name has an apostrophe in it
  • Removed the thumbnails beneath the slideshow in favor of using the built-in thumbnails under the description
  • Admin performance speedup
  • Fixed issue with sitemap not rebuilding when dsIDXpress options were saved
  • Fixed issue with area URLs in sitemap being wrong when the area name contained non-alphanumeric characters


  • Fix for jQuery UI dialogs


  • Fix for /idx/advanced/ no longer working


  • Minor change with the way API requests are made in order to increase the speed in some circumstances
  • Changed some JavaScript to only load when a dsIDXpress-generated page is loaded (instead of on ALL pages)
  • Prevent requests to /idx/ from working since the results on that page were showing a lot of properties outside the area and were diluting indexing results
  • Removed unmaintained ThickBox lightbox-style photo viewer in favor of customized ColorBox for better photo viewing experience


  • Changed language on 404 page
  • Fix for tracts in Search Widget


  • Fix for search forms with mls# in them


  • Miscellaneous compatibility fix


  • When more than one dropdown is present in Search Widget, “All” is added to each one


  • Fix for zip codes in search widget
  • Fix for empty criteria in search widget


  • Clear the expired items out of dsIDXpress’s cache once per day
  • Fixed bug where locations with an ampersand in the name weren’t displaying listings correctly


  • Fix for caching empty responses


  • Fix for blog paths


  • Added Contact form to Details page and Buttons in header for calls to action
  • Added sharing ability to Twitter, Facebook, Dwellicious, Google Buzz, email
  • Added print / PDF to Details listing
  • Added ability to have Community, Tract, Zip and MLS Number to Search Widget
  • Added ability to have map auto-open on results pages
  • Added tracking to results map being opened or close between pages
  • Added icon for results map link
  • Improved slideshow look & feel on details
  • Added better full-size photos (just click on the photo in the slideshow to see full size photo)
  • If account has dsSearchAgent Pro: Added ability to have an “advanced” link in Search Widget which leads to a new page with the dsSearchAgent frame auto generated
  • Added ability to set the Template for dsSearchAgent page
  • Added Bing Birds-Eye View to Details pages
  • Numerous CSS/UI improvements
  • Added ability to set first/last name and email in wp-admin (necessary for pdf and contact form, shares values with dsSearchAgent)

  • Fixed shortcode Price History display issue

  • Added fix for WordPress 3.0 beta 1


  • Fixed issue with some text values (cities, communities, etc) in the url not being passed correctly to the API
  • Changed slideshow for compliance reasons w/ some of the more picky MLSss
  • Added option to “Live Listings” results to show the larger photos that show up in the normal results
  • Fixed bug where “Live Listings” results “count” wasn’t saving correctly in editor when editing a pre-saved link

Changed debuggable-from IP
Fixed issue with slideshow not working w/ certain versions of PHP

Fixed issue with Live Listings editor not working in Internet Explorer
Added fixes to ensure better compatibility with PHP > 5.2 but < 5.3