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GDPR Notice


GDPR Notice will help you to make your site more GDPR compliant by informing the user of the use of external services when they first visit your website. You can add your own customized entries that will be displayed to the user.

If you website is using external serivces like Google Fonts and especially Google Analytics, the GDPR requires that users have to give their consent before any data is transferred to the external service.

With each retrieval of files from external servers (servers other than the one on which your website is running), it is technically possible to log which IP address the user of your site has, which browser on which operating system they use and many other things. This is also the case when using jQuery or Bootstrap, to name a few, from CDNs. And exactly such downloads and the resulting possibility of logging data your user must be able to disagree with.

In order to use your website, in the free version the user must agree to use all external services.

With GDPR Notice Pro, the user can also select which external services they want to allow and this plugin then removes any external styles, scripts and iframes that the user does not allow. This is necessary to prevent your website from being warned about the no-go policy.

IMPORTANT: This plugin can not and will not guarantee 100% compliance with GDPR. We can not ascertain that no other plugins run before this one and transfer data to external services without the user’s approval. This plugin is intended to help you make your site GDPR compliant, it is not a cure-all! Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure your site complies with GDPR.


  • First request checking:
    Only request users on the first visit, as long as the user has not yet accepted or declined.
  • Bots support:
    Ignores bots from AOL, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo! and Yandex.
    You are also able to define a list of custom user agents to be ignored.
  • Cookie notice replacement:
    With GDPR Notice you can inform your visitors about the usage of cookies. No need for a separate cookie notice plugin.
  • Order changeable:
    Reorder your entries however you want.
  • Multiple entry types:
    You have several types of entries available to customize the notice to your liking.

    • Title entry type:
      You can change the title of the notice.
    • Message entry type:
      Use this to display custom text block entries in the notice. Multiple text entries are supported.
    • Informational entry type:
      Similar to the message entry type, but will display below the reject and accept buttons.
    • Informational link entry type:
      Link that displays additional information when clicked.
  • Custom style:
    You can edit the style of the notice page in the backend, without the hassle of FTP and whatnot.
  • Custom URL:
    Define a custom URL that should be used for the GDPR consent page, instead of serving the page under the regular content’s URL
  • Custom background image:
    You can chose an image from your media library to be used as a background image.

GDPR Notice Pro Features

  • Detect browser language:
    Switch display language depending on detected browser language.
  • Multiple entry languages:
    Create entry versions for multiple languages.
  • Link entry type:
    Displays links with a checkbox. Link will show additional info when opened.
  • Required options:
    Link entries can be marked as required.
  • Remove tracking codes:
    Removes inline tracking codes, such as Google Analytics
  • Multiple view modes:
    You can chose to have the notice displayed as it’s own page before your actual page, as a box floating above your page in a corner or near an edge of the browser or even not display it at all.
  • Remove unwanted scripts and styles:
    Removes scripts and styles from your site, depending on the user’s selection


  • Notice page
  • Notice page with additional info opened
  • List of messages
  • List with customized messages
  • Notice page with customized text
  • Custom error message
  • Settings page
  • Settings page with custom user agents and background image set
  • Style editor
  • Notice with custom style and background image
  • List of messages (Pro version)
  • Multiple message languages (Pro version)
  • Message editor with Google Analytics selected (Pro version)
  • Additional settings (Pro version)
  • Notice in compact mode


Once GDPR Notice is installed and activated it will display a default message to anyone visiting your site. You can add your own different types of entries.

To allow users to easily change their selection after the fact, head to the menu settings and add a custom link. Set the URL to {GDPR_RESELECT} and give it an appropriate name.

There are several types of entries you can choose from:

  • Page title:
    With this entry you change the heading text. Only the value of the title field is used.
  • Message:
    This display a text block above the buttons. Only the value of field content will be displayed. You can use the value of field title for your own help in the backend.
  • Informational message:
    Same as Message, but displays below the buttons.
  • Informational link:
    A clickable entry below the buttons to show document content as additionally information. Useful to show necessary default information how impressum and data protection etc.
  • Reject message:
    This message will appear when the user clicks the reject button.
  • Policy changed message:
    This message is displayed whenever you have updated one of the entries. It is used to inform the user that things have changed since the last time they were accepted or rejected.
  • Link: (Only Pro version)
    Same as Informational link but as normal entry.


Can I have more than one title entry type?

Yes, multiple entries with type title are supported. However, only the highest ranking one (lowest menu order or earliest creation date) will be displayed.

How do I reorder my messages?

The entries are ordered by their menu order. The lower the menu order, the higher up the entry will be displayed. Entries with the same menu order will be ordered by their creation date.

Is there a limit to how many entries I can create?

No, you can create as many entries as you like.

I have installed a new plugin I need to inform my users about/My policies have changed

When you change entries, your users will automatically be asked to give their consent again.
If you only changed something minor, for example you fixed a typo, there is also a checkbox near the update button to to mark the change as minor. If you check this box your users will not need to give their consent again.

Can a user revoke or change their consent?

Yes, there are two ways for a user to do that. They can either delete the cookies in their browser to revoke all consent.
Alternatively, you can add an individual link with it’s target URL set to {GDPR_RESELECT} to your menu. This will generate a link the user can use to re-choose their consent.

{GDPR_RESELCT} is not working. What can I do?

In some cases, themes or plugins may mess up when adding links to the menu and set the placeholder as the link URL.
If this happens to you, you can usually work around this by setting the URL to ?gdpr_reselect=1 instead.


Me 9, 2018
Good plugin, easy to install and set up is okay for a non-techie. With this reduces of risk to my business from GDPR, Im feeling much better now. Thanks for this! Great work!
Me 5, 2018
Quickly installed and set up. Completely enough for my small web sites and some external data like Google Analytics and Google Maps. Also I can embed the cookie message and don’t need an extra message any more. For me the highlight is that the whole search engine bots are automatically let through and I do not have to worry about it. With the Pro version I can even observe the coupling ban. Here, the user can deselect the unwanted external services and still use the site. So I should first be safe from gdpr checkers and lawyers.
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  • Fixed some style oversights


  • Updated library


  • Fixed some styles
  • Updated library


  • Fixed mixed content warning (SSL) for custom styles
  • Redirect to HTTPS if user visits HTTP but home URL is set to HTTPS
  • Fixed links’ contents being potentially shown off-screen
  • [Pro] Fixed button label if no links are present
  • [Pro] Code refactor


  • Updated library
  • Fixed custom styles not loading due to file name mismatch
  • Fixed custom URL being lost if custom URL gets disabled
  • Translation update


  • Compatibility with W3 Total Cache
    • You can define a custom URL for GDPR to use. This URL can then be excluded from caching
    • Requests made to wp-content/cache will not trigger the consent message
  • Fixed some typos
  • Updated library
  • Fixed mobile compatibility of consent page
  • [Pro] Fixed compact display in mobile view
  • [Pro] Fixed minor bug with compact mode, if the user has not selected anything nothing would be blocked even if it should be


  • Several fixed and/or improvements regarding disabled notice pages
  • Fixed option checkboxes not saving their state properly when updated for the first time


  • Consolidated list view of removed scrips
  • Hidden “Reject” button when Pro is active
  • Added column “position” in admin list
  • Added “disabled” status for example pages and if you need to disable you own pages
  • Added example pages
  • Links will display as disabled checkboxes, stuck in the “on” state, when Pro features are disabled
  • Made custom user agents case-insensitive
  • Fixed XML-RPC erroneously being blocked


  • Easily modify the background image without the need of CSS
  • Fixes in library code


  • Fixes in library code


  • Fixed rogue closing div in settings
  • Some code improvements


  • Fixed a problem that crashed the system after upgrade to pro


  • Fixed problem with some get_option checks
  • Disabled fallback language input and language select meta box when “Detect language” is turned off
  • Prevented the creation of multiples of the same sample data if WordPress is set to use English


  • Added style editor to backend
  • Added invisible mode


  • Updated library


  • Updated library
  • Added Let’s Encrypt to list of known bots


  • Added easy way for the user to revoke or change consent
  • Fixed non-functional required links


  • No blocking of external services in admin backend anymore
  • No blocking of external services for admins anymore


  • (Pro) Example entries for better beginning
  • (Pro) Better language handling


  • No script blocking in compact mode


  • (Pro) You can now configure a whitelist, to allow specific external services
  • (Pro) Admin bar to display used external services
  • (Pro) Change between splash screen (default upstream page) and notice overlay (compact mode)
  • Support of iframes
  • orcas license & shop backend page


  • Changed donate link
  • Changed changelog formatting


  • Changed text domain


  • Made informational links available in free version


  • Added German language files


  • Fixed language-related soft lock


  • Initial